Dry Ice Cleaning 

Dry ice cleaning is a revolutionary cleaning method in which dry ice pellets replace traditional blasting materials like sand, water, glass and plastic. In contrast to sand blasting, etc., the process leaves no secondary waste material. The only waste to be disposed of is the coating that has been dislodged, and this can normally be swept or vacuumed from the floor beneath the treated object. The process is dry and non-conductive, and it is therefore suitable for use on electric motors and electrical circuitry.

The Process

Kinetic Effect

Dry ice pellets make impact on the layer provoking fractures.

Thermal Effect

Dry ice penetrates and generates a sudden local temperature decrease on both the dirt layer and the substrate. The different materials contract unequally and so the adherence between them diminishes. The layer cracks even more and looses off the substrate.


After making impact, the dry ice turns into gas expanding its volume by a factor of 800. The expansion acts as an explosion that detaches the layer from the substrate. The substrate remains clean and completely intact.

Advantages of Dry Ice Cleaning

Reduce downtime

Significantly quicker process leads to increased production time.


Dry ice is a soft media that will not harm substrate.

Increase efficiency

Clean equipment online, while eliminating need for cooldown and disassembly.

Operator safe

Eliminates need for chemicals and repetitive, manual processes.

Environmental friendly

Dry ice is made of reclaimed CO2 and does not add additional CO2 to the atmosphere.

Improve part quality & reduced scrap

Cleaner machinery and tooling results in higher quality products.

No secondary waste

Dry ice cleaning does not produce secondary waste streams, residue or moisture.

Non-toxic and non-conductive

Dry ice is a food grade media and is safe for commercial use.

More efficiently allocate labour

The process reduces time, labour and resources needed.

Service We Offer

Turnkey Solution

End-to-end customized cleaning service with manpower and equipment.

Equipment Rental

Dry Ice cleaning machine, air compressor and aftercooler rental.

Dry Ice Supply

Dry Ice Pellet supply.

Industrial Application

Building & Construction
Chemical Plants
Energy & Utility
Food & Beverage
Medical & Pharmaceutical
Metals & Foundry
Plastics & Rubber
Printing & Packaging
Pulp & Paper
Shipbuilding & Marine

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