Generator Solution

Generator is one of a critical equipment used to convert mechanical energy into electrical power in a power plant. Despite the maintenance cost of the generator being low compared to the turbines, proper maintenance of the generator is often neglected. However, this shouldn’t be the case as should the generator fail, there will not be any back-up system to kicks in which caused downtime. Furthermore, there are no indicators of deteriorating condition like loss of power or efficiency as in the gas or steam turbines which means a failure may occur anytime without any indication.


We very much emphasize on customize solution based on your needs to enhance the overall lifetime performance and reduce costs of ownership. Among the range of generator solutions include capacity and reliability improvement, life extension etc.

  • HealthCheck – We offer generator diagnostic program which keeps your power plant running more efficiently and longer. Our diagnostic program is developed with visual inspection supported by electrical and mechanical testing. An in-depth diagnostic inspection allows us to instantly highlight any critical findings follows by recommended actions..
  • Overhaul and Repair – We offer wide range of customize overhauls scope from full major overhaul to just supply of technical field advisor (TFA) to meet customer requirement.
  • Modernization – Together with our technology partner with vast experience in modernization of generators, we can develop and implement value added solutions to assure you meet the best possible results within given budget and time frame. Among the advantages of generator modernization/upgrade:
    • Improve reliability
    • Increase capacity
    • Extend life and
    • Extend time between inspections

We offer modernization services includes:

  • Stator rewinding (On-site or workshop)
  • Rotor rewinding (On-site or workshop)
  • AVR upgrading
  • Auxiliary upgrading (generator protection relay, generator monitoring & display system, etc)
  • Spare parts – We able to source and develop the best spare part strategy for your generators to minimize downtime. Furthermore, we also reengineer replacement parts to solve repetitive and problems
  • Consultancy Services
  • Reverse engineering