ORC stands for Organic Rankine Cycle. The ORC system is a closed-loop thermodynamic cycle designed based on the working principle of Rankine Cycle. Organic Rankine Cycle replace water with organic medium, utilizing low grade heat in the Rankine Power Cycle. ORC systems can generate electric and thermal power from multiple heat sources. For example, traditional heat source from fossil fuels combustion, waste heat from industrial processes, waste incinerators, engines or gas turbines. Renewables energy such as biomass, geothermal energy and  solar energy could also be utilized. The working principle of ORC system is straight-forward and simple. The major component are evaporator, expander + generator and condenser.

We specialize in providing customers with standardized, modular, easy to install, maintenance-free and efficient ORC products, services and solutions. ORC technology can increase overall efficiency by 5-10% of the existing power generation.

How does ORC work?

  • Transport of engine waste heat by hot water  intermediate cycle into ORC-module
  • Preheating, evaporation and superheating of pressurised ORC working fluid and transport to expansion machine.
  • Generation of mechanical energy  in screw expansion machine by working fluid vapor
  • Driving of hermetically coupled generator in order to generate electrical energy
  • Condensation of working fluid after expansion by air cooled condenser (in case of heat demand)
  • Pressurizing working fluid after condensation by fluid feed pump

Industrial Application

Waste Heat Recovery

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