Power System Condition Monitoring

Condition monitoring system is already becoming a major component of predictive maintenance. A successfully implemented condition monitoring system enable an early identification of any evolving issues and allows you to reduce the risk of failures and unplanned downtime, which increased your plant reliability and availability.

 T Energy together with our partner, Power Diagnostic Service Co (PDS) have been providing specialize services in the field of advanced power system and equipment condition monitoring & diagnostic systems. This includes customized monitoring system design; advanced power system analysis, insulation diagnostic and on-line partial discharge measurement mainly focus in the Power, Oil & Gas and Electronics manufacturing sector.

Partial Discharge Monitoring

Partial discharge (PD) is an electrical discharge, which does not bridge the electrodes between insulation systems completely under high electric field stress, causing dielectric breakdown.

Partial discharge measurement is one of the most effective methods in detecting defects in HV/MV insulation systems, including material aging, contamination, poor installation and manufacturing flaws. PD activity is usually irreversible and catastrophic and can lead to unplanned outages and production interruptions. Early detection of partial discharge by on-line monitoring enables you to take corrective maintenance action and ultimately avoids catastrophic failure of the apparatus.

We specialize in UHF PD detection, which offers the best signal-to-noise ratio and detects internal discharge. We offer full range of PD solutions in the field of apparatus condition analysis and on-line monitoring, providing a comprehensive protection solution for an early detection strategy.

  • Handheld screening tool
  • Advanced online/off-line PD analyzers
  • Customized monitoring system designs
  • PD fault locators

On-line Partial Discharge Monitoring Applications

Our on-line PD monitoring system is used in various applications.

  • Generator
  • GIS
  • Cable Termination
  • Transformer
  • Switchgear

With the use of our advances PDCare software system communicates with PD monitoring devices, it allows you to monitor your devices locally and remotely.

  • Cn monitor electrical apparatus for PD activity local and remotely
  • Works in all three communication modes:
    • Standalone mode
    • Local mode
    • Network mode
  • Periodical report presents up-to date operating conditions
  • Remote or local alert notification if abnormal PD activity is detected
  • Data access anytime with any smart device

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