We provide the complete range of soot blowing system, which includes soot blowers, steam piping system and control systems. Our soot blowers are used in many applications such as industrial boilers, coal fired boilers, biomass boilers, Palm Oil Mill Boilers, waste heat boilers, black liquor boilers, waste incinerator boilers, etc. We are able to design and supply soot blowers for many applications. Our aim is to be customer focus. Using good quality control and management practices, we strive to produce the highest standard possible in our products and services.

For the after service market, we aspire to have short delivery times and regularly keep stock of key parts to support our customers worldwide. Our machine shop has the capability to turn-around small components at short lead times.

Solutions for your Soot Blower Needs.

What is Sootblowing?

Sootblowing is the principal means of controlling fireside deposits on heat transfer surfaces in order to provide a more efficient steam generation cycle.

Why Sootblowing?

  • Maintain heat transfer.
  • Control slagging & fouling.
  • Improve boiler efficiency.
  • Reduce boiler emissions.

How Often to Operate Sootblowers?

1. Monitor gas temperatures of each boiler components.
2. Flue gas pressure drop
3. Experience of plant operation

Optimum Interval between Sootblower Operations

Ideal Soot Blower Operation Interval is to target Maximum Boiler Cleaning at Minimum Cost (Online) with Minimum Boiler Tube Erosion.

  • Too clean – frequent sootblowing on boiler element causes tube erosion, waste of steam.
  • Not clean – loss of heat transfer, overall efficiency drops.

Do you know?

  1. Sootblower Parts Maintenance is Important to ensure Sootblower running at its optimal condition
  2. Steam is Not Free!!
  3. Steam Leakages, Misalignments, and Other Issues were often overlooked during Sootblower operations. These minor matters albeit not affecting overall Sootblower Operation, if not addressed, these cause sootblowing operation not as effective as its intended.
  4. Coupled with disregarded steam leak caused by worn Sootblower Spare Parts, these issues cause wastage of steam and requires operator to run sootblowing more frequently. Inadvertently increasing cost of operation and not able to clean the heat transfer surface effectively.
  5. You May Be Running Your Sootblower Inefficiently Without You Knowing! Contact Us Today to Understand More.

What we offer (parts & services)

We are certified for  ISO 9001:2008 : Quality management systems.

Sootblower Units

  • Furnace Blowers,
  • Long Retractable Sootblowers
  • Half Retractable Sootblowers, etc.

Sootblower Parts

  • Lance Tubes,
  • Nozzles,
  • Poppet Valves,
  • Carriages Parts,
  • Consumables (Gaskets, Packings, etc)


  • Overhaul of Soot Blowers
  • Refurbishment of Poppet Valves
  • Site Inspection & Deployment of Specialist

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