STÜBBE’s motto is ‘there is no such thing as impossible’

STÜBBE  develop and manufacture pumps, valves and instrumentation systems. The special thing about STÜBBE: more than 60 years of competence in thermoplastic, enables Stubbe to develop durable solutions for handling aggressive media in complex applications. The products are used across the world in the environmental technology, surface technology, chemical industry and metallurgy & mining.

T ENERGY INDUSTRIES SDN. BHD. (TE) is the authorized Sales Distribution Partner for STUBBE original Pumps, Spare Parts and Services in Malaysia (environmental industry), Singapore, Indonesia and Thailand (chemicals, environmental, general industry).

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Stubbe Distributor : T Energy Industries

Pump Solutions

Aggressive, corrosive, sensitive: These are applications that STÜBBE’s products are used in. They need to be tough, durable and able to withstand more than other products.





Horizontal Pumps

Vertical Pumps



Ball Valves

Butterfly Valve

Diaphragm Valves

Non-Return Valves

Angle Seat Valves

Aeration & Vent Valves

Solenoid Valves

Pressure Relief / Reducing Valves


Level Measurement & Sensor

For more pump system details, please visit Stubbe Pump Sales Presentation

For other Stubbe product details, please visit Stubbe Product & System.

Applications for STUBBE


  • sea water transport
  • drinking water treatment
  • demineralization process e.g., Sea water desalination
  • aquacultures, fish farming, aquariums
  • spa and thalasso baths
  • transport of waste water contaminated with chemicals
  • treatment of industrial waste water (chemicals)
  • flue gas cleaning and desulphurization
  • treatment of industrial waste water (with high delivery heads and/or high flow rates)
  • production of Biofuels
  • drinking water/wastewater treatment


  • basic chemicals e.g.: hydrofluoric, hydrochloric, sulphuric acid, chlor-alkali electrolysis
  • fine chemicals
  • high purity chemical processes
  • chemical plant engineering
  • fertilizer production
  • titanium dioxide production
  • iron (II) sulphate production
  • salt slag preparation
  • conveying of milk of lime/gypsum suspensions
  • chemical transfer (for high heads and/or large flow rates)
  • pharmaceutical industry
  • simple chemical transfer (acid, alkalis etc.)
  • filling and supply of chemicals from storage tanks
  • detergent and cleaning agent production


  • chemical processes in the extraction of raw materials e.g: lead, zinc, nickel, gold, uranium, phosphates, etc.
  • copper electrolysis
  • carbon steel and stainless steel
  • pickling plants

Surface Engineering

  • transport and circulation in galvanic applications
  • painting and coating plants
  • transport and circulation of chemicals
  • battery cell manufacturing
  • in wet process plants e.g.:
    • PCB manufacture,
    • semiconductor production
    • photovoltaic 


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